Making of Embroidery

It all begins with the execution of a design done manually in vegtable paper.

Already with a matrix done, it is necessary to puncture all of the design so it can be stamped.

With the matrix punctured it is then ready to be stamped on the hemp to be embroidered.

It is then distributed through the enbroideries in the field, throughout the island, the hemp is stamped with the respective hanks of string. When it is ready it is then brought back to be finished.

The finishing is done in the company, taking out the blue line from the hemp with an appropriate acid, washed, ironed(always on the reverse side), it is then cut with a small pair of scissors and with a separator it is placed on all the separators in relief. Finally we have the finished product.

To finish, its necessary to put the guarantee stamp, that proves that the embroidery its 100% made by hand.

Via Oceânica