Terceira Island

This island was inhabited in 1450, in the beginning it was called Island of Jesus Christ but was later changed to Terceira Island, because of the fact of it being the third island discovered("Terceira" meaning third in Portuguese), of the 9 island that make up the Archipelago of the Azores.
Because of it's location and it's bay, Angra became famous, it was a port of call for Portuguese ships in their maritime routes, from the XVI to XVIII Centuries, during the time of the Discoveries.

Angra was the first area in the Azores to be elevated to the status of City, in 1534 by King João III and only in the XIX Century was it then called Angra do Heroísmo(or "Bay of Heroism"). Already in 1983, Angra became the first city in Portugal to be classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.


This company has the privilege to have it's main office situated in an elevated area and with an excellent panoramic view over the beautiful Bay of Angra do Heroísmo.

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